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Susan brings many years of broad experience working in both the private and public sector.  

She purchased the practice of Ben Yasgar, CPA on August 31, 2018, which has been existing in the Fargo area for over 30 years. 

Both Susan and Ben feel she will be able to carry on the relationships that have been established with the same level of quality the

 clients have come to expect.  

The nature of the work carried out by CPAs – including auditing, accounting, and

 tax services – requires a high level of ethics:   current and potential

 shareholders, investors, lenders, regulatory agencies, and other users

 of an entity’s financial statements rely heavily on those financial

 statements in order to make informed decisions about the entity.

Our firm is dedicated to the fundamental principles of professional ethics established by the

AICPA Code of Professional Conduct:

Responsibilities, The Public Interest,  Integrity, Objectivity and Independence, and Due Care

Let us help you make sure your ship comes in and  that you achieve the success and prosperity you have envisioned.

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